What do you believe?

Naturally, as Christians we believe in the traditional Creeds of the Church, such as the the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds. In addition, a summary of faith for the Presbyterian Church in Canada is given in Living Faith. Please feel free to study the full document (click here: Living-Faith) and we we would be most happy to address any specific questions or issues that you my have.

What should I expect a typical Sunday worship service to look like?

This is a friendly church and this sense of community is evident in both the ‘feel’ of the service and the after-service refreshments and conversations in the church hall.  The worship style at St. Andrew’s is traditional, as befits the historical building. We have a robed choir and the minister typically wears a clerical collar. The choir sings an anthem most Sundays and the hymns are traditional in the main, although there are  occasionally modern worship songs too. The order of service is printed on a weekly bulletin, and a PowerPoint presentation  allows you to easily participate in the service. The sermons are intelligent, thoughtful and you always learn something! Even if the worship style is formal, dress is casual. Yet don’t be fooled by the apparent formality and tradition, as underlying all we do is a vibrant, expectant faith!